I was reading forbes magazine the other day, that stated that one of the trait of a boss is that they confront people and they take action despite becoming less-liked.

To me this really hits home as I am guilty of being on the side of being too much a people pleaser all my life. I have always been on the shy side and always would like people to feel good so I would cater to their needs often.

But as I grow older and I build more fortitude about myself and my capabilities I learn more and more to rely on myself for the answers and the tough decisions. I am honing my skills daily, skills that I know will make me wealthy down the road. I am building my power of influence and authority over my field and I am becoming a stronger version of myself daily.

Who is the most important person to confront?

That's right yourself, where are we falling short on our own promises? Where are we letting ourselves off the hook? What part of our daily routine do we want to change? How can we become more productive each day and go towards success?

There is parts of me that believe that after working hard for a while its important for me to take a break but I let that break turn into 30 min and then next thing you know it has turned into 2 hours. So I need to figure out how I can maximize everyday work and only take a break after certain goal has been met. I mean its only society that told us that we should work 5 days and take a break on the weekend. But when has society ever provided something for us that has made us successful?

I believe society is more interested keeping everyone at the same levels, I don't think society has any interest in our personal freedom, success & well being.

Who have you confronted in the last 24 hours?

In order to be a boss you have to be willing to be less liked in order to accomplish a task or make things happen. A boss has to take decisions and stick to them. A boss has to confront people that aren't operating at the highest levels. A boss has to make the hard decisions and own the space or craft whatever it is he is doing.

A boss has to become his own confronting force and not be scared to be confrontational to others.A boss leads his own life and path and allows others to follow him.

Have you been a boss lately?

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What is the American Dream & How do we attain it?

The American Dream has become over blown with hyperboli and bs that people just don't believe it anymore. Americans used to have ambition and drive but now a days there is so much media that is distracting them that our ambition to reach financial power has been sucked away from under us.

The power of having a vision for the future is being forgotten in today's world where the word goal has become a buzz word for failure.

At Kam's world, we will explore success and what makes people successful and we will study that it is the pursuit of success itself that is happiness. When we are growing, learning and becoming stronger version of ourselves that's when we are striving to our potential and greatness. I think we are going in the right direction and knocking down all barriers down and blazing a new path towards financial freedom.

I am with the belief that it is possible to exert will upon our lives in an way that moves our life. You see it all starts with intention, when you want to throw a base ball across the field, you first must come up with the intention of doing so and then the action.

My life is more so about learning to harness the human intention and will power to achieve goals in life. To get the small victories along the way that turn into to major wins down the road. My life is about studying successful people and emulating after their success. My life is about never taking no for an excuse and always blazing forward at high speed and burn a fire so big of success that other people come by and stand in the fire in admiration.

I am going to show you a peak into my world, as a hustler, as a hard worker and someone that brings back the American Dream back into style. Yes it is possible to achieve every goal we set out to achieve. It is possible for me to achieve abundance. And there will be personal blocks along the way that must be cleared but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to move forward regardless.