I was talking to my friend who runs a tree service business in Macomb, MI the other day about success and business. What makes someone successful and what makes others not make it life?

Some believe that certain people were born to be entrepreneurs while others think its destiny, or its in the DNA but again there are plenty of millionaires that started out from nothing, came from broken homes but still made it? The one thing that separates from the pack is that you have to be willing to do what other people aren't doing so you can have the things that other people don't have.


Its this separation from the pack, from the herd mentality that is required to become an entrepreneur, and most people fail this step miserably. Because it is much more comfortable to do what others are doing, it is much more "feel good" to stay with others and go to parties with your peers and be friends with others that don't challenge you or that accept you no matter what. You feel more safe and accepted, however its a lot more challenging for you to find people that are above you, that are going somewhere in life, that work harder than you and that challenge your places of inadequacy. Sometimes Confront them head on.

To become successful is to always seek the discomforts and unless your psychotic you will never naturally seek for discomforts, we repel away from those experiences. So what makes us go seek out the pain and discomfort is we have to have a strong enough WHY

Why do you want to become successful, why do you want to become a millionaire, why do you want to achieve the things you say you want. What is the end goal, what is it that you are seeking in life. When you are driven by a strong why or a higher purpose, we enter a zone where we are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.


This one thing or one teaching can save you literally thousands of hours wasted it can give you clarity in the midst of everyone going into chaos and confusion. My purpose is to become the shinning oasis, the guiding leader of positivity in the world, to stay positive, centered, clear & aware in the midst of chaos.

When everyone doubts the world, you believe, you have thickness & back bone because you already went through all the negativity and even the darkest hours of the soul, you have faced them head on, so you have mental fortitude and strength that most people lack.

So becoming successful is about you taking responsibility and committed 100% to it, its about doing what other people are unwilling to do today so you can have the life other people dream about tomorrow. Its about rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work. Its about doing thing that masses aren't doing.

My friend that runs his business at

Also agrees with me 100% about success, this is someone that started his own business at 21 and has put some serious hours into his business while his peers around him were out partying & drinking, he stayed in and continued to work on his business. He is someone I look up to because he is a hard worker and genuine. he understands the human condition of always seeking comforts while he always pushes himself to grow his tree service business and takes risks that most people our age of 26 wouldn't dare taking like investing $100K into new equipment.


One of my recent epiphanies I'm having lately is that skill of selling is vital to life.

Without sales nothing happens in life, in order to persuade somebody to buy into our dreams & vision is to sell someone on our ideas and goals. People are willing to give their right arm and leg for a vision.

We are all driven by or motivated by pain or pleasure, and we must know the keys to what makes us tick and what motivates us to work and work. We have different mechanisms in which we operate and one of the key distinction between someone that's making it and someone that's barely getting by is that someone that is making it knows how to master his or her psychology in a way to continually motivate that individual into taking better actions and right decisions.

As an entrepreneur your ability to sell is vital to your success. To sell someone on your ideas vision and dream, to convince people you are the right person for the project might be the difference of landing that client that makes a world of a different to your financial well-being. You see I believe in progress.

The boss takes whatever steps necessary to see himself or his project progress. We all have an aspect of ourselves that like everything for us to be taken care of but other people, this is the child side of us which we must learn to take care of by ourselves as we grow and mature. Do you think success comes to those that wait for others to give them what they want and need? Success comes to those that make a ballsy decision and follows through to the end like their life depended on it.

Success comes to those that are committed, success comes to those that want it more than all their peers. Success comes to those that are not afraid to look foolish in the name of progress. Success comes to those that not only ask for it but hustles for it.

Success comes to those that go after their goals like its the only mission for being alive. Success is not some magical fair dust that only certain people get, success comes to those that are hungry and after it.

We want people to understand that success is possible for everybody and its the only way your life will ever be rewarding enough for you to give a hoot.

Success leads to confidence and confidence leads to better every minute every second of the day!  We need success it is vital for our happiness and well-being.

Kam's World is about learning success and going out there and living it. Become a legend to day