Hi my name is Kam and this is my blog.

This blog will be about my life as a 25 year old seeking to becoming successful in all areas of life.

I was born in New Hampshire in a lower middle class family whom I love dearly, I was not raised up to be a rich person, I was told to at least finish high school and because my parents didn't have money to send me to college, I wasn't ever forced to go to college.

However I was not satisfied with living like everybody else around me working at local odd jobs and living a lifestyle of just barely making it. I was interested in owning a business one day and going out there and making things happen. I was interested in becoming successful and rich so that I can one day provide and help my parents.

I was interested in owning nice things and meeting more successful people in my life. I was interested in gaining mentors in my life that were operating at the highest level. I was interested in seeing the world and operating at levels beyond my current state and feeling the excitement of seeing my own progress and growth.

I was interested in personal development so I began reading more books about success and how to become an entrepreneur that makes it big.

So I got a job and I went to college myself, and at 25 I am graduated still getting smarter each day as I continue to read books, and I am now committed to going to building financial freedom and security.

Welcome to Kam World

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