Excelling at your craft putting in 10,000 hours towards mastery

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Through the years I have studied successful local businesses and tried to reverse engineer their success, how did the big  companies leave the rest behind and become so successful, how did they break free from the average consumers to the massive levels of successful they are handling these days? What was their secret?

I have wondered about this days and night and when it comes to success local business like a tree service you first have to know the skills and everything there is to know about the talented and dangerous profession of all time.Tree service you have to be the only presence in customer's mind that you can resolve any tree problem regardless of scale,size and location.

Tree Service companies rely on their pure techniques to get the job done and they put their life on the line every time. This is a dangerous job that requires focus and dedication. They are out there in the blistering heat taking down trees for what appears as though they are only making few hundred on the job and you get that tree taken down quickly and simply. You really need to have courage and commitment to be able to do what they do and I have tremendous respect for their work.

When it comes to tree service I rely on great reputation and years in business also it is important to make sure they are licensed and insured. Last summer I had a big oak that needed to be taken out and called these guys

The guys came to our house with 3 crew members and they moved extremely fast. They gave me a quote in 10 min and they proceeded to take the tree down in 1 hour flat. I was very impressed by the way they carried themselves and how they climbed to the top of the tree and started taking down braches one by one as if they've done it 10,000 hours already.

Then I thought about the book that talked about how you have to put in the 10,000 hours if you are going to reach a level of mastery worthy of people paying you good money for so I asked these guys, how many hours did they actually put into their tree service?

They told me they've been in business for over 40 years, go figure, they have reached their mastery and they are doing incredible work to that is truly worthy of the common folk paying good money for.

So when my friend tells me he wants to start a tree service empire, I tell him about the story of these guys whom did business with me couple years ago and how I felt very reassured by their service because they appeared to be the experts. And he tells me yes, that is the number 1 crucial thing in tree service is you have to first learn the ropes and it takes 5 to 10 years before you can call yourself a true tree service company.

Even in my business of promoting local business I would have to agree, there really is something to putting many hours of practice in and becoming a true master at something. Similar to guys that put in 5 years of washing rice before they are able to set food in the kitchen to make sushi, not that washing rice takes skill but it takes the due diligence of learning about discipline that makes someone great and trains that person to pay attention to the little things because its the little things that counts.

I continue to learn about successful local business because I am someone that wants to one day own my own successful business. And hearing about my friend with his big goals and vision really inspires me to go out and dream about my future and really gets me excited about the possibility of really taking things to new levels soon.

To check out the guy that did my tree few years back click here

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